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Prada replica 2014 autumn and winter advertisement exposure, the large again love hate imbroglio, substantial exposure color, dark light, between men and women or play or sad mood blanket picture, let a person remember that love is not always sweet, there are sad melancholy. Large by the star Argentina model Mica Arganaraz to model Karl Kolbitz common interpretation, photographer Steven Meisel (Steven Meisel) personally palm mirror. Replica Prada Backpacks bags released for Harrods to create an exclusive boutique series recently, and released exclusive photos on Harrods same store May edition, this series include clothing, fake prada handbags, shoes and accessories, the inspiration comes from the Prada Outlet of nearly a hundred years of landmark series, showing the aesthetic idea of the brand has been respected both classical colour and a spirit of innovation. Supermodel Amanda Murphy appearance of deduction, photographer Ishi with a mirror.

Fake Prada bags recently issued a quarterly earnings fell 23%, bad degree makes the industry shock. In this regard, group chief executive said that the future will be to cut costs to increase profits. The outside is not good for this move, think Replica Prada should do is not to cut costs, but improve the service attitude and quality improvement, make Dior replica a little less quality events. 2013, one called "if you buy a fake Prada handbags a year, a zipper is not bad, Logo did not fall, no line didn't fade, the quality of steel is good, a few can prove you bought is fake" micro Bo caused concern. The micro blog is regarded by many people as "senior" and "dark", but ironically Prada's quality problems. In recent years, Prada replica bag, plastic and other issues continue to fade in the quality gates.

April fashion brands and search for hot list shows that several big luxury, Dior replica Backpacks bags in April to become a "dark horse", a March "is not in the top ten" situation, straight into the top five in April; and occupies the fifth of George Armani (GiorgioArmani) and decline to ninth that Balenciaga from sixth to eighth, replica gucci is "almost fell out of the bottom of the bag" list. Fake Prada bags although the "invariant boss" status of the political arena, but attention obviously decreased sharply, from March 58.76% to April 20.63%".